Out of the Box


Be aware of the Safety Guidelines.


Connect the power adapter to Kobuki or dock Kobuki in the docking station. If Kobuki is turned on, you will hear a short sound when charging starts and the LED will light up appropriately.

LED Color Status
Green fully charged
Blinking Green charging
Orange low battery


The battery still charges if Kobuki is off, but you will not see the LED, nor hear sounds

First Run

You want to see Kobuki in action without further ado? Kobuki has a special random walker mode embedded into the firmware which you can activate on start-up:

  • Disconnect the power cable
  • Turn on Kobuki.
  • Within the first 3 seconds press the B0 button and hold for 2 seconds.
  • LED2 will start blinking and Kobuki wander around.


This was introduced to the firmware in v1.1.0. In case your kobuki is not running this or a later version, please refer to Updating Firmware.