Introducing Korea’s first robotic turtle.

kobuki [거북이] n. turtle

Kobuki is robotically engineered to be long-lived, tough and fast. With high performance batteries, Kobuki will tirelessly work alongside you through those long coffee-powered nights. He’ll also happily burden himself with your modded array of sensors, actuators, laptops, embedded boards, portside cannons and do it all at a speed that makes his real world cousins seem like … well, turtles.

Use him for serving 치맥 (chi-mek), chasing your neighbour’s kids or simply, to make your own robot ideas become reality.

Kobuki is still young, don’t expect him to remain as he is . Kobuki’s development has already been significantly influenced by the community and as he marches towards old age, we will continue to work with the community and you to ensure he becomes better with time.

Sincerely, Kobuki Team.