Here are the necessary parameters and calcualations for conversion of encoder ticks to robot pose.

  Name Value Description
Robot Parameters wheelbase (bias) 230mm length between the centre of the wheels
  wheel radius 35mm  
  wheel width 21mm  
Magnetic Encoder ticks per revolution 52 tick/rev  
  pulses per revolution 13 pulse/rev  
Gear Box 1st stage 1:10  
  2nd stage 22:12  
  3rd stage 30:11  
  4th stage 35:12  
  5th stage 34:1  
  resultant ratio 6545/132 = 49.5833 6545 turns of motors(or encoders) will make 132 turns of wheels
Conversions ticks to metres 0.000085292090497737556558 m/tick  
  ticks to radians 0.002436916871363930187454 rad/tick  
  metres to ticks 11724.41658029856624751591 tick/m  
  radian to ticks 11.72441658029856624751591 tick/mm